Board Roles & Responsibilities


Board Roles and Responsibilities

KIPMI Board members are volunteers that are elected every fall and serve as an officer-elect for the first year, and a voting officer for the second year. 

All KIPMI Chapter Elected Board Members are responsible for:

    • Attending all board meetings
    • Replying to motions via email within 3 business days for decisions between meetings
    • Attending all possible chapter events such as dinner and lunch meetings as a visible member of the board
    • Attending and contributing to all annual planning and strategy sessions
    • Collaborating with other board members with initiatives that cross over board portfolios
    • Keeping up on duties and responsibilities of own portfolio
    • Contributing to the overall board strategy and effective operations
    • Promoting KIPMI and its initiatives and values at business and PM community events
    • Building good relationships with members and volunteers
    • Building positive and productive relationships between KIPMI and the business and education communities
    • Contributing information for the KIPMI website

Benefits of serving as a KIPMI Chapter Elected Board Member include:

    • Gaining experience to increase your skills and qualifications as a leader
    • Collaborating with peers who share your desire to lead and grow
    • Building your professional visibility and extending your contact network
    • Helping grow the chapter and improve the profession
    • Representing the chapter at regional and/or national PMI leadership conferences (as applicable)
    • Earning PDUs
    • Giving and sharing of your time and talent is actually healthy and worthwhile.  It reinforces your sense of purpose
    • Learning the basic operations of a Board Directors for a non-profit, volunteer organization

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The Chapter President, in alignment with PMI guidelines and standards, is responsible for planning and overseeing Chapter Board activities necessary to responsibly use Chapter funds to provide services to Chapter members. The year begins with a Strategic Planning session where the Board collectively sets objectives and budgets for services to be provided in the coming year.  Then, the President coordinates monthly meetings and collaborates with Board officers throughout the year to provide the agreed services.

Position Details

VP of Outreach

The Vice President of Outreach builds relationships with sponsors, employers, affinity groups (e.g. IIBA), military, and/or educational institutions to form sustainable partnerships that are mutually beneficial for the Chapter and our partners.

Position Details

VP of Membership

The Vice President of Membership is responsible for understanding the needs of current and potential Chapter members. In this role, the VP of membership helps grow the Chapter through recruitment, retention, and value delivery. 

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VP of Finance

The Vice President of Finance is accountable for the management of Chapter funds for duly authorized purposes.  This includes processing all approved payables and receivables, reconciliation of accounts, generation of financial reports, providing financial information to the Board, and filing of tax related documents.

Position Details

VP of Communications

The Vice President of Communications is responsible for all information relayed to chapter members using mediums such as the Chapter website, newsletters, and social media.

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VP of Technology

The VP of Technology is responsible for the management and upkeep of the KIPMI website, social media channels, and other online capabilities, in support of Chapter initiatives.  During in-person and virtual Chapter events, provides support for audiovisual equipment, including microphones, camera, PA system, projector, computer equipment and use of conferencing platform. 

Position Details

VP of Programs

The Vice President of Programs is responsible for the development, scheduling and coordination of chapter meetings and events, including the monthly meetings, practitioner support workshops, holiday events, and Professional Development Day(s). Leveraging help from the Board and resources available through other chapters, identifies and secures speakers and venues for all events.

Position Details

VP of Education

The Vice President of Education focuses on providing support for current or future members seeking a professional certification.  Coordinates PMI Authorized Training Providers (ATPs) to deliver courses for the chapter; coordinates qualified Chapter volunteers to facilitate certification “study groups” through the chapter; serves as (or refers questions to) a Chapter certification SME (for PMP or other certifications). 

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