May VIRTUAL Meeting with Ryan Ripley "The NoEstimates Movement"

05-21-2019 12:00 am

May VIRTUAL Meeting 5/21/19

Presentation:  Ryan Ripley "The NoEstimates Movement"

#NoEstimates is a critical look at how estimates are used in the software industry. 
When will you deliver that feature? How much will this project cost? Which features can I have in 4 weeks? All reasonable questions that both management and customers want addressed. Traditionally, we’ve used estimates to provide such answer.
The problem: estimates can turn in to commitments, dollars get spent based on misinformation, features end up misaligned with business needs, and all parties involved end up feeling misled and frustrated.
The key question is: Can we still make decisions without traditional estimates?
To answer this question, we will explore how teams can use #NoEstimates thinking to meet the needs of their stakeholders, how to maintain alignment without estimates, and pragmatic way to move the focus from estimates to metrics and measures that enable teams to deliver high quality products that delight their customers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What are estimates, why we use them, and how they are misused 
  • How to maintain alignment with customers and stakeholders without traditional estimates
  • Pragmatic ways to implement #NoEstimates thinking in your organizations 

July Luncheon - No Luncheon: Enjoy your summer break!

07-16-2019 12:00 am

No luncheon. Enjoy your summer break! 

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