Military Outreach Program

Helping service members translate their invaluable skills into project management careers

PMI Kentuckiana warmly invites local service members to join our project management network. Our dedicated members stand ready to support service members as they navigate their career path in project management. 

Our Purpose:

From certification guidance to resume assistance and networking opportunities, our veteran and military liaisons are here to help. We aim to acknowledge and honor the sacrifices, skills, and leadership that service members contribute to our profession. As a chapter, we are committed to giving back to our military community, exemplified by having a veteran elected to serve on our board of directors driving strategic objectives tailored to our military members and community.

Why do veterans make excellent project managers?

Veterans' attention to detail, cultivated through meticulous planning and execution of military operations, ensures that projects are carefully managed to minimize errors and maximize success. Furthermore, their background in teamwork and collaboration fosters a cooperative approach to project management, where effective communication and coordination are paramount. Overall, military veterans bring a wealth of invaluable qualities to the project management field, making them well-equipped to handle the demands and responsibilities of leading successful projects.


Interested in joining the chapter?

Please email us at to ask about our one-year FREE Military Chapter Guest Pass Program. Remember, before joining the local chapter, you must be a PMI Global member.