Steve Bernheisel - Chapter President

President's Message

As this year’s President of the Kentuckiana Project Management Institute Chapter, I am deeply invested in advancing the field of project management and utilizing our skills for the betterment of society. In my career, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of effective project management in addressing community challenges.

Now, I believe there is a crucial opportunity for project managers like us to contribute meaningfully to community initiatives such as CrossRoads Missions. Volunteering provides you with an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Not only can you earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) to main your credentials, but you'll also obtain real-world experience managing projects that can help bolster your resume.

Founded in 1993, CrossRoads Missions serves as a conduit for organizations, volunteers, and funders seeking outreach and giving opportunities they may otherwise have difficulty reaching.  They accomplish this goal by bringing people of all ages into impactful service in the United States and Mexico.  These experiences significantly challenge those who consider more profound involvement in philanthropy in the world and their communities.

KIPMI Member Volunteer Opportunity: CrossRoads Missions’ Help Build Hope

About Help Build Hope: Help Build Hope brings each construction project for a new home to your local business, organization, convention, church, or school parking lot. Volunteers and our experienced full-time staff frame the walls for a new home donated to one of our partnering organizations. We transport the completed frame walls to the partner organization, which finishes the rest of the project. Our events are flexible and can be customized. A build can take place in a single day or over a weekend. We can build the frames for a single home or, depending on participation, as many as 30 homes.

Abstract: Andy Cole leads Help Build Hope and their series of projects throughout the year where volunteers are invited to build frames for houses. These houses are donated to families in need, often through Habitat for Humanity. Andy leads a team of project managers that are assigned to various builds across the country. HBH has developed a sustainable process for completing these projects, but they are hoping to gain efficiency in their work by making better use of their tools and experience. They'd like to invite interested members of KIPMI to learn more about Help Build Hope and assist in the development of improved processes. Ideally, the PMs would have experience in construction or architectural software, but that would not be required.

What they need: Andy identified the following needs for Help Build Hope:
Review of architectural software and processes for creating efficiencies. They currently use several programs to take a plan from Habitat for Humanity and "panelize" it and make it print-worthy (Softplan, Sketchup, Access Database, InDesign, Illustrator). They'd like to reduce the work time in this process from 60 hours to less than 40 hours. 

A comprehensive documentation of institutional knowledge and subject matter expertise. Process documentation, SOP creation and tools/resource documentation.

Project management coaching and mentorship for Andy Cole and the 4 part-time Project Managers working for Help Build Hope. 

Please consider volunteering your time and skills to assist this organization.  The Chapter intends to continue to identify opportunities such as these and publicize them to our members via regular announcements such as this one, via our Community Outreach operations.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please reach out to Vince Cain, VP-Community Relations, directly at

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