PMI Kentuckiana Chapter

Chapter Bylaws

2022 KIPMI Bylaws


Our bylaws define and guide the actions of the Chapter's Board of Directors and the membership. Every three years, our Chapter's bylaws are reviewed and revised. Prior to these changes going into effect, the membership will have an opportunity to review and vote on our revised bylaws which include the following changes:

  • Article V, Section 6: Added VP of Outreach
  • Article V, Section 7: Removed facsimile and added video conference
  • Article V, Section 9: Added that written notice is required by a Board Member if they are unable to attend a Board meeting
  • Article V, Section 10: Updated the line of succession should the President be unable to fulfill their elected term
  • Article V, Section 12: Added a section that the Board will review and update the board role description and responsibilities annually 
  • Article VI, Section 2: Added clarity to when an elected candidate takes office
  • Article VI, Section 3: Added Elections Director


As per our bylaws, proposed changes shall be sent to the membership in writing at least 30 days prior to a vote accepting or rejecting the proposed changes. This newsletter serves as written notification. 


What do you need to do?


When will you vote on the proposed bylaws?

A question to accept or reject the proposed bylaws will be on the ballot as part of our annual Board of Directors election. Voting begins November 14, 2022 and will run through November 30, 2022.