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KIPMI is launching a Book Club in November 2020 but we need your help before we schedule our first event.   

We want to know what our first book should be and what day/time of the week we should meet.

If you are interested in joining us for our first event, please complete our three question survey by this Friday, 9/4/2020.

KIPMI Book Club Survey

The November event will be posted on our website later this month so check back to see what has been decided!

For more information on our Book Club program, click here and you will be taken to our event home page.

Have You Noticed??!?!?


We are responding to your requests for more PM-focused topics, and a greater variety of speakers for our events.

We're investing your membership dollars this year to do just that, as you can see in our lineup for 2019.

How do you get a return on that investment? By attending our events – and spreading the word so others can benefit too!!!

So come on out and take advantage of this opportunity to hear professional speakers, interesting job-related topics, and gain useful skills, tips and tricks to use in your own professional development!! We also look for our chapter to grow as we entice new members with the added value to our offerings.

Want this new format to continue?? Attend our events! Invite friends and colleagues to attend and to join our chapter! Let’s build the momentum together and see how far we can go/grow in 2019!!!

 - Your KIPMI Board