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Ed Rosenberg

Please welcome Ed Rosenberg to our December spotlight.  Ed is married with ten (10) children (between him and his wife) and seven (7) grandchildren.  He has worked for Humana for twenty (20) years and is currently working with the Armed Services contract (TRICARE) for them.  Since Ed and his wife have so many children, he has had a lot of experience in leading and coaching (i.e., recreational sports and Boy Scouts) which is a natural path to project management.  This includes arranging and planning events and activities. He has even project managed his wedding and honeymoon down to every detail (way to go Ed…).  Ed obtained his PMP in 2007.


Two (2) things motivate Ed:

  1. He has a coaching business on the side working with people on creativity and spiritual matters.  This brings him great joy. It is called “The Roses Coaching” and is found at Home - The Roses Coaching
  2. He is interested in projects that produce innovations. Using his project management skills enables him to manage projects in an expedited manner.


Ed is currently a Scrum Master for his team and appreciates projects with new types of initiatives. When asked about the chapter meeting value, Ed shared he likes hearing about local and national projects (e.g., the Ohio River bridges project).  He’s hoping the meetings will eventually return to face-to-face luncheons where we can interact in person.  Ed would like to see additional meetings on the Disciplined Agile certification and topics related to new innovations.


Here are some parting thoughts Ed has for those seeking a project management role:

  • “Be a generalist. You don’t have to be a programmer to learn about technology.”
  • “As we all know, robotics and technology are taking over positions for many people.  Concentrate on what they can’t do.  Certain things can only be done by humans, such as creativity, strategy, consciousness, and empathy – sorry, Ray Kurzweil.”


Many thanks to Ed for sharing a little about himself and how project management has impacted his personal and professional career. 



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Katherine Dyke

Welcome Katherine Dyke to our October spotlight!  Katherine is a mother of a 7 year old girl and is married to an attorney who is a Federal public defender.  She was born and raised in Louisville and graduated with a Bachelors degree in International Studies from the American University in Washington, DC. 

When Katherine finished her studies, she returned to Kentucky in 2008 for a job at Mercer HR Consulting, then as Employee Benefits Analyst for Papa Johns Corporation. In 2013, she joined her family’s business (Whip Mix) which produces materials for dentists, dental schools and labs.  Upon completing a comparable wage survey for project managers in her company, she realized this career path could draw on skills she already had, and provide a fulfilling role within the company. As a partial owner of her company which promotes continued improvement in their employees’ career path, Katherine decided to pursue her PMP certification with great support from the company. She received her PMP certification five (5) years ago.  She has now hired, trained and developed two (2) other project managers in her company and has a vision in establishing a project management office to address strategic projects utilizing best practices. 
Katherine is motivated by completing problem solving activities using collaboration techniques.  She says, “This fuels my fire to see how a team can find a solution to problems that are win-win”.  Katherine (like many PMPs), applies those skills not only in her company but at home for financial planning and home remodeling projects.  Having her PMP has opened new doors in her company and the community.  
When asked how the chapter has helped her career path, Katherine shared an interesting finding.  She has realized she is not ‘an odd ball’ in project management as she originally thought and has a place at the table.  In other words, PM is utilized across all industries, not just IT.  Katherine enjoys the chapter'sspeakers sharing best practices in communication, leadership and change management.  She also likes the idea of the chapter providing a community of people that you can bounce ideas, problems, and challenges with.  Katherine is looking forward to getting a better understanding of Agile, scheduling, and budgeting for new product implementation. 
When asked what she would tell a person who is thinking about a project management career path, Katherine shared these thoughts:

·      “Check what your motivations are.  Do they align with problem solving, are you naturally curious, and do you have a stomach for conflict?  Project Management isn’t always easy.

·      Are you a leader who does their homework and not just fly by the seat of your pants? The best leaders direct folks out of a chaotic situation to seeing where they need to go next.”

Thank you Katherine for sharing a little about yourself to our chapter.  
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Jeet sInha

Jeet Sinha is our spotlighted person this July.  He is a Senior Project Delivery Manager in charge of delivering new projects from scratch with Deloitte Consulting LLP.  Jeet volunteers in the community through his company as well as independently .  He is a runner, has run many half-marathons and is preparing for his first full marathon.  Jeet was born in India and was a member of several technical societies.  He considers himself a health interoperability nerd. Jeet is married and recently became a new father.  Congratulations Jeet… 


Jeet has a passion for creating new tools for lower income families to help them navigate smoothly their interactions with technology.  Early on in his career, he saw how critical it was to innovate tools, processes and solutions.  He feels it’s important to be healthy and tohave a well-balanced lifestyle in order to manageprojects successfully. 


Before getting his PMP, he found himself stumbling and not having a work methodology.  Now Jeet feels he is more organized, knows what way to proceed forward in a project, and what is required to close out a project properly.  He even applies project management at home, especially for planning a project (eg. Planning a  vacation with family).   


Jeet is anxious to get more involved with the chapter and learn from others for personal growth while sharing his wealth of experience with others.   He is looking forward to learning more about Agile and technical implementations.


When asked what he would tell a person who is thinking about a project management career path, Jeet had these thoughts:

  • Many projects are chaotic, but a project manager's role is to guide the helm and provide a method for clarity.
  • It is always helpful to have experience in pre-project management roles such as a business analyst or a scrum master and how they help the team.
  • We need to internalize lessons learned as part of continuous improvement and learn how to organize the project tasks better in terms of order and including feedback.”


If you are interested in being interviewed for our next member spotlight, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would love to get to know you and introduce you to your fellow KIPMI members. 

Lynn Scheu

Lynn Scheu is our spotlighted person this September. She is a project manager and has been with Kimball Electronics for the last 40 years.  Her recent focus has been implementing IT applications (primarily SAP). She’s married with 6 children and 12 grandchildren. Lynn enjoys time with her family and friends as well as volunteer work, reading, cooking and being outside. 


Her first project was to implement SAP where she learned a great deal from a gentleman by the name of Paul King who, at the time, worked for IBM.  She enjoyed getting into the details, the organization that it took, using the tools for project management and was eager to learn more.  This is when she decided to get better educated in the standards for project management to see what she could improve on. She said, “I’m a kind of a geek but I loved spending time studying the PMBOK, testing myself on concepts and implementing them into our business.” She became certified as a PMP in 2006.


When asked what motivates her, she said learning and helping others by passing on what I’ve learned. Lynn indicated the value of her PMP has enabled her to handle different ways to get the work done. “Having a sound background is important when you think about changing things around, keeping the good things and adding to what you have. We now have a hybrid way of handling work.” 


Lynn uses her project management skills both at home and in her volunteer work. She finds the pace and the way you conduct work in a professional environment compared to a volunteer environment is quite different (i.e., tools and terms you use might not be well known to all team members). Lynn finds herself using a large pad of paper and markers many times.


When asked how the chapter meetings have helped her, she said, “It gives me the refresher I need. I try to pick up a couple of nuggets to use. I recently attended one on blind spots and it was a good reminder to consider those. We are so busy so we need those reminders.” Lynn would like to see more meetings on leading a team of peers.


If you are thinking about a project management role, Lynn gave some great advice, “Get yourself a mentor who’s done it. Get associated with PMI because they are a great resource with many contacts. You need to be out ahead of the team, anticipating what is going to happen and know what is planned to come next. You also must be willing to put in the work it takes and flex hours if your team is decentralized. It is a great opportunity to learn and grow.”



If you are interested in being interviewed for an upcoming member spotlight, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would love to get to know you and introduce you to your fellow KIPMI members.

This year your Board of Directors are looking at new opportunities to increase member engagement and participation. We want to give you options and allow you to choose the events that are of interest and align with the professional growth you are looking to achieve. Despite the challenges the pandemic has dropped into our laps, a silver lining has been our ability to continue bringing people together using technology. While we miss hosting in-person events, we are not limited to any one location and anyone, regardless of where they live or work, can attend.

Note regarding in-person events: While vaccines are now available and eligibility continues to expand, KIPMI will continue to host all upcoming 2021 events virtually. We have made this decision out of an abundance of caution and to eliminate any unnecessary risk. We care about your safety and well-being and do not want to jeopardize that unintentionally.

As we approach the latter half of the year, and with your help, we will re-evaluate the climate for in-person events and decide whether to reinstate them.  

We heard YOU! 2020 Survey Results

As a stepping stone for what laid the foundation for our key initiatives this year, we would like to share what we learned from you based on survey results last year. Between the two surveys, we had 60 responses.

2020 Survey Results Member Background


2020 Survey Results Chapter Feedback


2020 Survey Results Survey Themes


Additional Insights

While we have 700+ Chapter members, we are only hearing from approximately 6% of the membership. We believe we can do better in 2021 and hope that we can increase member participation from event attendance and reading our monthly newsletters to interacting with the Chapter on our social media platforms and participating in our surveys. Your participation and feedback will help us learn how we can serve you better. 

We aim to continue to provide the services you are accustom to while exploring new and innovative ways to help you keep your skills sharp and relevant. Further, we want to foster growth within the profession and help members connect with one another to share their wisdom and their experiences.

This leads us to our…

2021 Key Initiatives

Our quarterly book club event launched at the end of 2020 and is continuing in 2021. This March we debuted a networking event to bring project professionals together in an informal setting so you could get to know one another while also discussing key and relevant themes in leadership and project management. This event, which we plan to offer a few more time this year, is meant to share knowledge, support one another, and find opportunities we may not have found otherwise.

Additional events that we are considering launching this year include live virtual training on topics such as Agile, Business Analysis, and Change Management; certification prep classes for PMP/CAPM, PMI-ACP, and other micro-certifications offered by PMI; and access to additional educational content to earn PDUs at a discounted rate.

Offering learning events to help you maintain your certification(s) is not the only thing our Chapter aspires to offer, however. We also want to create a community of project professionals and project leaders who can lean on one another, in times of triumph but also in times of struggle. We want to develop a community where you feel supported and encouraged to be the best you can be. With that in mind, we are in the process of designing an industry-specific pilot event that we hope will bring people together to discuss best practices and challenges so we can learn from and help one another to succeed.

Lastly, we are looking into how we can build a volunteer program that allows those of you who are interested in giving back to the profession an avenue to help the Chapter execute on key initiatives and day to day operations. Candidly, this has been a challenge for the Board, but we are committed to identifying opportunities, outside of joining the Board of Directors, where you can support the profession and your local Chapter.


Contact Us

We are here to serve you. If you have an idea, a recommendation, or a suggestion for improvement that you think would benefit the Chapter, please let us know. If you have any questions regarding anything you have read in this address, please reach out to us. Our email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your membership and your continued support.


Best Regards,

Your 2021 Board of Directors