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That’s right, I said it. WIIFM! This acronym is commonly used in many business areas and it can be especially helpful for project managers. But what does it mean? W.I.I.F.M stands for “what’s in it for me?” and if you consider this acronym when forming new project teams, it can help to build buy in amongst team members to complete the project goal.

When starting a new project, I typically take some time to consider the WIIFM for my project team members. Why should this group of people come together to complete this goal? What will they get out of it in the end? Will they learn a new skill-set? Will it help create a more efficient work process? Will it help them meet their sales goal? Figuring out the WIIFM of a project for the team members and peppering in reminders throughout the project could likely keep your team members more engaged and want to work together to resolve any issues and complete that single goal.

“Do you use WIIFM? If not, I suggest you give it a try on your next project and see how powerful it can be!” 

But let’s take a minute and think about if we expand the WIIFM thought and apply it to our own career goals. What is your WIIFM when you come into work or start a new project? Is it to collect a paycheck or make your company more money? Maybe you like to resolve issues for people or create easier processes for co-workers? For me, I find pure joy in gathering a group of people and creating a comprehensive plan that is executed to precision. I think of projects as a symphony and I am the conductor. When everything comes together perfectly, and we are all playing the same song in perfect rhythm then I know I have satisfied my WIIFM and am ready to tackle the next project!



So, I will ask again, what is your career WIIFM? Are you doing activities in your job that satisfy your WIIFM? If not, what steps can you take to make sure it is being satisfied? It might be switching companies or maybe a different career path. These are scary thoughts but what is even scarier to me is the thought of not finding your WIIFM and just collecting that paycheck. I think we need to make sure that we satisfy our WIIFM first in our careers so that we can excel at whatever we choose to do and hopefully help our team members excel in their work too.  


After considering your career WIIFM, what if you applied the same thought to your personal life? Just think, What’s In It For Me?


About the Author

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Jenna Cowley has been a Kentuckiana Chapter Member for 6 years and is serving as VP of Web Integrations in the 2018-2019 years. She acquired her PMP in June of 2013.  Professional experience includes performing and managing software implementations with a focus in software development and extensive involvement with 3rd party vendors. She has been with Republic Bank & Trust Company for 15 years. In addition to Project Management duties she also oversees the Project Portfolio Management process with executive leaders and administers the banks CA Project and Portfolio Management application.