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PMI Kentuckiana Chapter

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Blog Newsletter     


Hello Chapter Members! 

This year we are looking to grow our social media footprint and we could use your help! 

Besides having current members like, follow, and share our pages, the best way to gain a greater audience is to post new, original, content. 

We thought, what better way to generate content than by having a little contest? Plus, we know our group has a ton of knowledge that can be shared amongst each other and with the community. 

Submitting a blog post will allow us to show off the knowledge of our members, and give you an opportunity to be a contributor on We will also post your blog article on each of our social media platforms

See below for rules: 


  • Blog entries should be based on Project Management subjects, be original, and appropriate for our website and social media.
  • Example topics
    • Controlling Scope Creep
    • Managing Offshore/Remote teams
    • Risk Management
    • Working with QA
  • Words: Minimum 500 words – Max 2000
  • Authors will be given credit for he article. 


  • Send all submissions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Max number of blogs per month is 10.
    • Any additional blog entries over 10 will be posted the next month.
  • Submitted blogs will be posted the following 1st week of the month on FB, LinkedIN, Twitter, and articles section.
    • Exp.. If a blog is submitted on the 3rd of February, it will be posted the 1st week of March.


  • Blogs may be edited for consistency and formatting, by the KIPMI Communications VP.


  • Blogs will be posted on the first business day of the new month and engagement counts will be totaled at the end of the month.


  • Blogs will be graded as follows:
    • Total Number of Facebook and Twitter Engagements for the month.
      • Facebook Engagements
        • Reactions, Comments, Shares, post clicks.
      • Twitter Engagements
        • Retweets, replies, follows, likes, links, clicks.

Monthly Prizes

  • The best Blog of the month based on social media engagements will receive a prize the following month.
    • Exp.. Blogs posted first week of March will be evaluated and the prize will be handed out in April’s luncheon.

Annual Prizes 

  • A year end prize will be given to a randomly chosen monthly winner.
    • The winner for each month’s name will be placed in a hat and randomly chosen during our final meeting or holiday party.
  • All blog submitters who did not win a monthly or yearly prize will be placed in a separate drawing for a year end prize.