Ed Rosenberg

Please welcome Ed Rosenberg to our December spotlight.  Ed is married with ten (10) children (between him and his wife) and seven (7) grandchildren.  He has worked for Humana for twenty (20) years and is currently working with the Armed Services contract (TRICARE) for them.  Since Ed and his wife have so many children, he has had a lot of experience in leading and coaching (i.e., recreational sports and Boy Scouts) which is a natural path to project management.  This includes arranging and planning events and activities. He has even project managed his wedding and honeymoon down to every detail (way to go Ed…).  Ed obtained his PMP in 2007.


Two (2) things motivate Ed:

  1. He has a coaching business on the side working with people on creativity and spiritual matters.  This brings him great joy. It is called “The Roses Coaching” and is found at Home - The Roses Coaching
  2. He is interested in projects that produce innovations. Using his project management skills enables him to manage projects in an expedited manner.


Ed is currently a Scrum Master for his team and appreciates projects with new types of initiatives. When asked about the chapter meeting value, Ed shared he likes hearing about local and national projects (e.g., the Ohio River bridges project).  He’s hoping the meetings will eventually return to face-to-face luncheons where we can interact in person.  Ed would like to see additional meetings on the Disciplined Agile certification and topics related to new innovations.


Here are some parting thoughts Ed has for those seeking a project management role:

  • “Be a generalist. You don’t have to be a programmer to learn about technology.”
  • “As we all know, robotics and technology are taking over positions for many people.  Concentrate on what they can’t do.  Certain things can only be done by humans, such as creativity, strategy, consciousness, and empathy – sorry, Ray Kurzweil.”


Many thanks to Ed for sharing a little about himself and how project management has impacted his personal and professional career. 



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