Katherine Dyke

Welcome Katherine Dyke to our October spotlight!  Katherine is a mother of a 7 year old girl and is married to an attorney who is a Federal public defender.  She was born and raised in Louisville and graduated with a Bachelors degree in International Studies from the American University in Washington, DC. 

When Katherine finished her studies, she returned to Kentucky in 2008 for a job at Mercer HR Consulting, then as Employee Benefits Analyst for Papa Johns Corporation. In 2013, she joined her family’s business (Whip Mix) which produces materials for dentists, dental schools and labs.  Upon completing a comparable wage survey for project managers in her company, she realized this career path could draw on skills she already had, and provide a fulfilling role within the company. As a partial owner of her company which promotes continued improvement in their employees’ career path, Katherine decided to pursue her PMP certification with great support from the company. She received her PMP certification five (5) years ago.  She has now hired, trained and developed two (2) other project managers in her company and has a vision in establishing a project management office to address strategic projects utilizing best practices. 
Katherine is motivated by completing problem solving activities using collaboration techniques.  She says, “This fuels my fire to see how a team can find a solution to problems that are win-win”.  Katherine (like many PMPs), applies those skills not only in her company but at home for financial planning and home remodeling projects.  Having her PMP has opened new doors in her company and the community.  
When asked how the chapter has helped her career path, Katherine shared an interesting finding.  She has realized she is not ‘an odd ball’ in project management as she originally thought and has a place at the table.  In other words, PM is utilized across all industries, not just IT.  Katherine enjoys the chapter'sspeakers sharing best practices in communication, leadership and change management.  She also likes the idea of the chapter providing a community of people that you can bounce ideas, problems, and challenges with.  Katherine is looking forward to getting a better understanding of Agile, scheduling, and budgeting for new product implementation. 
When asked what she would tell a person who is thinking about a project management career path, Katherine shared these thoughts:

·      “Check what your motivations are.  Do they align with problem solving, are you naturally curious, and do you have a stomach for conflict?  Project Management isn’t always easy.

·      Are you a leader who does their homework and not just fly by the seat of your pants? The best leaders direct folks out of a chaotic situation to seeing where they need to go next.”

Thank you Katherine for sharing a little about yourself to our chapter.  
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