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Jeet sInha

Jeet Sinha is our spotlighted person this July.  He is a Senior Project Delivery Manager in charge of delivering new projects from scratch with Deloitte Consulting LLP.  Jeet volunteers in the community through his company as well as independently .  He is a runner, has run many half-marathons and is preparing for his first full marathon.  Jeet was born in India and was a member of several technical societies.  He considers himself a health interoperability nerd. Jeet is married and recently became a new father.  Congratulations Jeet… 


Jeet has a passion for creating new tools for lower income families to help them navigate smoothly their interactions with technology.  Early on in his career, he saw how critical it was to innovate tools, processes and solutions.  He feels it’s important to be healthy and tohave a well-balanced lifestyle in order to manageprojects successfully. 


Before getting his PMP, he found himself stumbling and not having a work methodology.  Now Jeet feels he is more organized, knows what way to proceed forward in a project, and what is required to close out a project properly.  He even applies project management at home, especially for planning a project (eg. Planning a  vacation with family).   


Jeet is anxious to get more involved with the chapter and learn from others for personal growth while sharing his wealth of experience with others.   He is looking forward to learning more about Agile and technical implementations.


When asked what he would tell a person who is thinking about a project management career path, Jeet had these thoughts:

  • Many projects are chaotic, but a project manager's role is to guide the helm and provide a method for clarity.
  • It is always helpful to have experience in pre-project management roles such as a business analyst or a scrum master and how they help the team.
  • We need to internalize lessons learned as part of continuous improvement and learn how to organize the project tasks better in terms of order and including feedback.”


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